A feature of integrating data from multiple sources is the ability to pivot the data to obtain insights that are not readily available from standalone search engines. For example, searching the literature database for leukemia retrieves over 300,000 articles. In the search filter panel these results are categorized by publication date, journal, author, and affiliation, enabling the quick identification of the number of articles associated with the top subcategories. Clicking on the pivot links in this panel expands this list to allow deeper exploration.

Above is an example of the results of an author pivot for a literature search for leukemia.

Links in this pivot table open up profiles of the individual authors, the articles that were found to be relevant to the initial search, and a link to all of their published articles.

Similar functionality applies to searches for clinical trials, patents, grants.

Pivot views are also generated for organizations associated with publications, trials, patents, grants and SEC filings. The example below shows a pivot view for sponsors of clinical trials for NSCLC.

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