RDATLAS is a database designed to organize the vast amount of data in the biomedical field to enable quicker and more intelligent ways to extract valuable data.

RDATLAS was designed to allow users to seamlessly interrogate data across the academic and commercial biotech space. Included in RDATLAS are data curated from across the biotech industry including SEC filings and key data available in the public domain from private companies, such as their areas of focus, management team members and academic advisors.

The field of biomedical research is faced with the challenge of how to mine the world’s repository of knowledge and present it in a format that enables researchers, clinicians, investors, students and patients to get the information they need.

  • Who are the leading researchers on any topic?
  • Who do they work with?
  • What organizations are they associated with?
  • Who are the established key opinion leaders and who are potential rising stars?
  • What organizations (universities/companies) are working on a specific topic?
  • Who should I recruit for my scientific advisory board?
  • Who should I consider collaborating with?
  • What does the clinical landscape for a particular disease look like?

How is this done now? Mostly “friends and family” networking. Individuals introduce people, targets, diseases, organizations to members of their local network who then assess their potential independently. Personal recommendations are great, but it limits the universe that you can readily explore on your own. There are no tools designed to enable an objective query over the entire body of knowledge in the biomedical field. RDATLAS is such a tool.

RDATLAS Solution

RDATLAS allows users to search for data on any topic in biomedicine and to present those results in multiple formats using a single interface. These include results such as:

  • Lists of literature articles, clinical trials, government grants and patent applications that could be obtained by running multiple independent searches elsewhere, but RDATLAS is designed to allow users to interact and filter these lists similar to the way an online shopping site works.
  • Extracted data, similar to Excel pivot tables, highlighting the scientists, clinicians, organization, and locations of individuals associated with the work of interest, enabling the generation of an instantaneous perspective on who the leaders for any topic of the field are
  • Crosslinked results from multiple sources. A search for a given topic, person, or organization will return results for data across the scientific literature, clinical trials, grants, patents and organizations.

Click on the links in the header above to explore what RDATLAS has to offer. Contact Integrated Profiling, LLC for custom analyses.

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