RDATLAS provides a simple way to navigate through the vast amount of data that is available to the biomedical field and extracts from this data key information that is often missing from other database providers. Whereas many other database providers in this field focus on specific product candidates, RDATLAS is primarily focused on who is doing what. Who as in specific individuals and organizations.

The challenges that RDATLAS faces is not only the quantity of data but the inconsistent format and poor quality that is available from some of the primary sources. To this end RDATLAS provides access to this data at two levels. To be comprehensive, RDATLAS contains all available data, regardless of quality with the understanding that the results may not be complete due to inconsistencies, such as alternate spellings or abbreviations, or may be crosslinked due to similar or identical names. At a higher level, however, RDATLAS provides access to highly curated records for thousands of individuals and organizations. Our goal with these curated records is to provide the highest quality data. Records that are displayed in the details result page in italics represent those that have not been through our curation process.

In many cases, the top individuals and organizations have already been curated. In other cases, these records are still in the queue. Please contact Integrated Profiling, LLC if there is a particular area that you would like prioritized for curation.

RDATLAS Functionality

RDATLAS was specifically designed to be a tool to provide a high level perspective on specific topics, identify key players and to facilitate deeper exploration of the data. Results that are generated by RDATLAS are mostly backed by hyperlinks that either drill in deeper into the underlying data or provide the means to jump out and get a broader view of the interests of an individual or organization.

There are four different types of pages accessible from the links in the page header:

  • Dashboard – a high level graphical view across all areas
  • Search – primarily text-based results pulled dynamically from each of the subdomains of RDATLAS
    • Literature
    • Trials
    • Patents
    • Grants
    • SEC documents
    • People
    • Organizations
  • Explorer – ability to compare two graphs side-by-side
  • Network – interaction network of people and/or organizations

The search filters on the left of the results from the detail pages serve to both classify the result set into various categories, but to also enable filtering the result set by simply clicking on any subcategory. Selecting multiple subcategories under a single heading will result in an OR query. For example selecting 2022 and 2023 will result in a search for records that match either 2022 or 2023. Selecting subcategories from different headings will result in an AND search. For example selecting Lancet and Johns Hopkins University will return those records that are associated with both the journal Lancet and are affiliated with Johns Hopkins. As the search filters are selected, they show up at the top of the results page. The search filters can be removed by unselecting them or by clicking individual search filters at the top of results page.

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